Kootenay Gardens

This is our first - and hopefully our last - home.

Of course, we've lived in houses before. Many houses.

In fact, within 7 years of leaving home I'd moved 14 times.

So I just stoppped counting.

 I met Paul, and we continued the nomadic lifestyle.

We rented the "The TreeHouse" in Norwood. Then there was "The House of The Crazy Landlord" in Fullarton. Followed by Sydney, Mount Waverly, Sunbury-Riddells Creek, and Woodend.

We got around.

But we were getting tired. Our son was 3 years old and he'd already lived in 3 houses.

Then life changed.


We had lost my mum, Paul's mum, and Paul's dad several years earlier (*fuck cancer), then my father died too (*fuck it even more).
Kootenay Bay

My parent's beautiful home in Kootenay Bay, a link to our history, was sold.  While it was a world away, it had been our anchor and provided a safe haven through all our journeys.

We lost our bearings.

Then quite accidentally, we came across a little house on 5 acres around the corner from where we'd been renting.

And we knew. It was home.


So we claimed it as ours. And named it Kootenay Gardens.

In memory of an amazing place. And our amazing parents.

Who took their own slow journey in life.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful story. Love your journey so far and can't wait to see how it unfolds even more. xx

    1. Thank you Deb. And can I say how thrilled I am to have you along for the ride x