About The Slow Blanket Project

We have a saying in this family.
There's the easy way to do things.  
Then there's the hard way. 
And then there's our way.

Of course we don't mean to make things difficult. But somehow we just can't resist a challenge.

And so when I wanted to knit a blanket, we decided it would be fun to learn to spin our own wool.

But if we were going to do that, wouldn't it be so much better if the wool was local?

Like, really local. From our very own alpaca herd.

So we bought some alpacas.

And here we are. On a journey to make a blanket, and so much more. Our way.


Would you like to join us?

Just like Alice found out when she went down the rabbit hole, it won't always make sense.

And you won't always end up where you expect.

But it will be terribly fun.

So close your eyes tight, hold my hand, and jump.

It's going to be quite the adventure.


  1. I'm up for the adventure. As long as there is coffee along the way. And baby alpacas, of course ;)

    1. Yay Tas for joining in.
      And as a special one-time deal, I will arrange an entire herd of baby alpacas to serve you coffee. :)

  2. I like ' your way ' . What a great change of pace. Alpaca pace.